About the artists

Folgende Künstler*innen erkunden den Spreepark in diesem Jahr:

Ursula Maria Berzborn (Laboratory of Remembrance )

The director, performer, stage and costume designer Ursula Maria Berzborn has been living and working in Berlin since 1987. After studying stage costume at the HdK Berlin, Berzborn established the performance group Grotest Maru and was a board member of the association Theater im Öffentlichen Raum (Theatre in Public Space) from 2006 to 2018. The Laboratory of Remembrance is a cooperative project with the author and dramaturge Tom Mustroph and the set designer Hanna Zimmermann.

Sabine Zahn (“… flying like a bird”)

Sabine Zahn read theatre studies and journalism in Leipzig and completed her training as an actor at the Scuola Teatro Dimitri, an academy for physical theatre. Since 2005, she has been creating choreographic works that enable physical access to specific localities through interactive methodologies. Together with the architect collective raumlaborberlin, she has also devised works that address urban and social questions. Sabine Zahn is a member of AREAL – artistic research lab Berlin and oversees numerous cultural education projects in collaboration with a range of different institutions.

Sabine Zahn bei ihrem Workshop "...wie ein Vogel fliegen", Spreepark, 2019, Foto: Frank Sperling

Jana Korb (Bygone Arts)

Jana Korb is an aerial acrobat, performer, artist and producer who lives in Berlin. With the Aerial Theater she investigates the idea of narrative circus and devises performances for the public realm. In 2014, together with other artists and producers, she founded the Forum Neuer Zirkus in Berlin and is currently a board member of the association Theater im Öffentlichen Raum (Theatre in Public Space).

Lukas Matthaei und Sebastian Quack (PLÄNTERWÖRLD 2  tuned attractions)

Sebastian Quack and Lukas Matthaei have worked together with the ZKR on their Spreepark project “PLÄNTERWÖRLD” since 2018. They are old acquaintances, performers, games designers, directors and entertainment researchers. Accordingly, their interactive interventions in the urban landscape are located at the intersection of play, participation and the politics of urban society.

Sebastian Quack works as an artist, curator and games designer and lives in Berlin. He is a founding member of the Invisible Playground network and a co-curator of the Playpublik festival. Lukas Matthaei works as a freelance director in Berlin and, since 2000, has collaborated with numerous actors on issues related to urban space under the name matthaei & konsorten. He has devised many workshops and given numerous lectures in Germany and beyond.

Gernot Wieland (A View from the Future)

Gernot Wieland’s creative work primarily addresses themes of narrative and memory and, using video, text and lecture performance, he explores the psychological relationship between people and society. By combining personal and fictional accounts on the one hand and scientific facts and real events on the other, he creates new, absurdly comical narratives. Wieland’s films have been shown at several international film festivals, including at Kunsthaus Graz and the Liverpool Biennale. In 2019 he was awarded the EMAF Media Art Award of German Film Critics.

Alexis Goertz (Herbal Trilogy)

Alexis Goertz is an expert in fermentation, bacteria barista, coach and the founder of Edible Alchemy. Knowledgeable in both traditional and modern herbal medicine, she combines unusual and well-known ingredients in innovative ways, ensuring that probiotic bacteria cultures can fulfil their task. In 2018 she collaborated with the artist Andrew Rewald as part of the “Beyond the Pleasure Garden” performative tour.

Andrew Rewald & Prinzessinnengarten: Beyond The Pleasure Garden, Spreepark 2018, Foto: Frank Sperling

Ella Ziegler (STATICA)

Ella Ziegler studied visual arts and environmental art in Halle/Saale and Glasgow. She addresses everyday urban culture in her work, and her interventions turn viewers into participants. Her practice incorporates actions, performances and interactions in the public realm, such as her 2018 project “Flora and Fauna” in the Spreepark.

Moviemiento (Spreepark in Motion)

The Moviemiento collective creates temporary spaces for positive encounters – from travelling cinema with open-air screenings and small festivals to workshops and seminars. The medium of the short film is central to their promotion of discourse and exchange. Moviemiento is made up of filmmakers, video artists, photographers, designers, architects, teachers, biologists, cultural scientists and project managers.

Kulturspreepark e.V.
(Loud-Quiet: Poetic Places of Rest in the Spreepark)

KULTURspreePARK was founded in 2014 with the aim of filling the Spreepark with life, culture and people once again. Since then, theatre performances for adults and families, as well as dance and music events have taken place on a sporadic basis. In addition, the organisation offers school-based and extra-curricular cultural and educational activities in the form of projects and theatre productions for children, young people and adults. They place special focus on creating projects for and in collaboration with deaf people. In 2018, KULTURspreePARK cooperated with Grün Berlin in organising a Walpurgis Night event – a series of staged walks on the Spreepark site for deaf and non-deaf people.