ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space

Our Mission

The ZKR - Center for Art and Public Space is the platform for international contemporary art of the state-owned Grün Berlin GmbH. In its artistic projects and interventions, the ZKR aims to show new perspectives on urban structures and the green open spaces within urban environment. In 2018/19, the activities of the ZKR will focus on temporary formats such as presentations, artistic tours, workshops, tastings or lecture performance, always in cooperation with other actors from the fields of urban planning, art and architecture. 

In these and other formats, the ZKR strives to explore the intersections of art, urban and open planning - and to constantly re-examine public space in times of increasing diversity. From this mission, the origins of the ZKR are derived as well as its future areas of activity.


Our areas of activity

  1. In the area of activity called Art & Planning, the ZKR is examining how the designing disciplines of, urban planning and open space planning on the one hand and art on the other can benefit from each other. In doing so, permanent works of art can emerge or artistic discovery practices can be the focus. 
  2. Temporary exhibitions, presentations and the organization of artist residencies are assigned to the Art & Process area. It deals with defining curatorial positions in the fields of art and public space as well as with experimental strategies and interdisciplinary networking.
  3. Closely connected with the first two areas is the field of Art & Participation. The field of public participation seems to be an area in particular, in which classical planning instruments no longer work. However, artistic approaches can create opportunities to involve interested citizens in the planning process and to impart necessary knowledge.
  4. Our Arts & Education activities focus on cultural education of young people and children. This area is to be established and expanded at the borderline to environmental education within the Grün Berlin Group.
  5. The ZKR is always and in all its activities endeavored to evaluate their own experiences and insights as well as to exchange information in local, national and international networks. Regular discursive formats such as symposia, salons and art talks can be found in the section Art & Reflection.