Our notions of landscape are both cultural projections and reflections of our cultural history: dependent on the beholder, the archetypal landscape ranges from the unkempt fallow to the English landscaped garden to the collectively conceived park with self-subsistence provision. These landscapes, formed by human hand and influenced by the trends of their day, shape our idea of the landscape. And by retaining them in the form of drawings, paintings, photographs, films and sound … read more

The ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space Schloss Biesdorf aims to explore the complex interplay between art, architecture and public space. As a cultural project of the publicly-owned Grün Berlin GmbH, the ZKR displays art in both an urban and an environmental context. Changing exhibitions display international contemporary art alongside art from the former GDR, thus revealing unexpected associations between the artistic positions of the different eras … read more

Almost 150 years ago, Schloss Biesdorf was built by the royal architect Heino Schmieden as a two-storey, classicist villa with an octagonal tower. Later developed by the Siemens family, who expanded the surrounding landscape park, the estate became property of the city of Berlin in the late 1920s. After a fire almost completely destroyed the upper storey, the property was provisionally repaired in the 1950s and used as a local cultural centre.  …read more

Set in the grounds of a picturesque park, the ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space Schloss Biesdorf aims to become a unique landmark in Berlin’s cultural landscape. Pay us a visit and explore this special venue and its creative potential. … more information