ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space Schloss Biesdorf

ZKR – Centre for Art and Public Space Schloss Biesdorf aims to explore the complex interplay between art, architecture and public space. As a cultural project of the publicly-owned Grün Berlin GmbH, the ZKR displays art in both an urban and an environmental context. Changing exhibitions display international contemporary art alongside art from the former GDR, thus revealing unexpected associations between the artistic positions of the different eras.

How does art in public space change our perception of the environment? What questions occupied artists in the GDR, and are they relevant today? And where do the fields of urban development, landscape development and artistic productivity intersect?

Art in the public sphere invites the viewer, in passing, to reflect awhile and consider the surroundings. In a similar way, the ZKR aims to contribute to a reconsideration of the familiar: in our exhibitions, events and projects, we will shift the focus from the immediate surroundings to far-removed idylls, from central squares to hidden corners, and from current discussions to oft-neglected artistic positions. Artists with a GDR background are especially overlooked by the exhibition industry, or are mainly discussed in a political context. By forming a link between contemporary art and art from the GDR, we intend to promote an unbiased debate on the quality of art and artists with a GDR association, and to subject these works to a more artcritical consideration.

A central aspect of the ZKR is the establishment of sustainable partnerships and networks. Together with partners and other collaborators we aim to play an active part in shaping relevant social discourse and increasing awareness of the interaction between art, public space, urban development and landscape development, directing attention towards both the past and the future.