Spreepark, Foto: Manuel Frauendorf, 2017


Performative Art Tours through Spreepark

This year, the ZKR initiates performative art tours through the Berlin Spreepark for the first time. From June to October 2018, five artists and artist groups will be offering tours that deal with the park's special features in various formats. The participants are invited to discover imaginary worlds, to taste plants, to share memories, to ask questions of ownership and property, or to become part of musical stagings.

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About the Tours

Hans Winkler | Vom Verschwinden [Eng: About Disappearing]
In his performative guided tours, Hans Winkler guides his visitors to places that contain stories from different eras of the Park, relating to things that already disappeared. The tour will be held in German.

Daniela Brahm | Die Tour als Skulptur: Property Matters [Eng: The Tour as a Sculpture: Property Matters]
Daniela Brahm uses the Spreepark and its transformation process as blue print for a tour along different property concepts. The tour will be held in German.

Andrew Rewald | Beyond The Pleasure Garden
Andrew Rewald's interactive guided tours through the abandoned Spreepark will explore its untapped potential for growing, harvesting, and preparing wild growing plants. The tour will be held in German or English, please check the details provided on the booking platform.

Sebastian Quack & Lukas Matthaei | Teststrecke Plänterwörld [test track Plänterwörld]
The artists invite you to join a virtual reality tour that connecting the Spreepark reality with imaginary worlds and thus creates new experiences.  The tour will be held in German.

Urban Culture Institute | Live: Natur Szene  Musik [Eng: Live: Nature Scenery Music]
For their performative guided tours, the Urban Culture Institute utilizes the Spreepark as a backdrop for a musical dialogue celebrating the interplay of nature, culture, and performance. The tour will be held in German and/or English.

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